Bars/Coffee shops

Global Solution for Bars/Coffee shops

Manage your Bar/Coffee shop with HIOPOS solutions, scalable and adaptable for each type and size of business. The different HIOPOS products and devices, cover all the needs of your Bars/Coffee shops. They offer an integral solution that improves the efficiency, optimizes the resources and increases the profits of your establishments.

Create and personalize your combos and menus

Manage your rooms and terraces

The HIOPOS tables screen allows you, in an easy and intuitive way, to visualize the active sales on your tables. Combine different rates depending on the space where the items are sold.

Select our predefined images

Avoid the cost of starting up your Bars/Cafés with our creation tool, which creates the items from our gallery. Select your type of business and find, with one click, more than 2000 items. The product images are sorted and classified by families.

Prepare the recipe of your products

Define the composition of each dish by having control on the cost and the stock of the goods. Define the retail price of the dishes according to their production cost

Complete your products with special and personalized characteristics

Speed up the process of special items creation with our modifiers. Create modifiers which you will be able to assign easily, with the multiple selection tool, that will allow you to establish the right price.

Sell products by size

Track the consumption and the stock, creating a unit of measure and quantity for your items, as much from the sales from the purchases.

Take orders from the tables with HIORDER.

Optimize the terrace, tables and room service, to improve your customer service. Also, increase the table turnover rate and reduce the time of the service, with HIORDER.

Send automatically the orders to the screens and/or to the kitchen printers which are installed in different parts of the establishment. Receive directly the payment from the tables, and allow to make the payment by credit card with a wireless PINpad.

Manage your warehouse with the hand-terminalHIOSTOCK

With HIOSTOCK you can control the reception of purchased goods in your warehouse, put purchase orders and make inventories. Also, it allows you to print out labels of your products.

Delivery / Take Away

Online Orders

Reactivate your business and receive online orders from your customers to deliver to their home or to collect at your establishment. With the order module, the customer can access the restaurant’s menu, check the available products, obtain detailed information, place the order, choose where they want to pick it up or to be sent and pay with their phone.

Delivery: Order management

Increase the number of customers by providing a home delivery service and optimize delivery trips by assigning orders based on location and waiting times.
It is as easy as:

  1. Customers place their order by phone or online with PortalRest
  2. The order is sent directly to the kitchen for preparation
  3. Simply with your finger assign your delivery personnel the orders according to their location and optimize the routes

Delivery: Customer

Inform customers at all times of the status of their order so that they can track the order from their own smartphone. In addition, customers will have the possibility of transmitting their opinion of the service and of each product.

Delivery: Application for the deliverer

Make your deliverers work easier. The deliverer can see the orders assigned to him/her and those he/she decides to take when reading the QR code that appears on the order ticket with his/her smartphone. The application will indicate the most optimal route for the deliverer for them to report incidents in case there are any. With a single click, the deliverer can also register de delivery and the payment to the customer in real time.

Integration with external delivery platforms

HIOPOS now connects with Glovo to receive orders directly to the POS and automatically send them to the kitchen. Increase efficiency as your deliveries will be faster and your management easier. It also analyzes all the information with the reports that are offered or creates personalized ones with the information you want to know.


Don’t lose customers If your restaurant is full, create waiting lists through the Sitting application, recording the data of final customers on a tablet in order to be able to notify them via SMS when the table is free in your restaurant. No expensive additional items to break or lose.

Order from the table

It includes the card payment method

Connect HIOPOS with your PinPad to allow payment by card. Accelerate your sales and avoid mistakes when you enter the amount manually.

Receive real-time data analysis from your business with HIOPOS Analytics

HIOPOS Analytics is a real-time dashboard system that allows you to browse through your business information from anywhere, anytime and from any device, with just one click. Through KPI’s, charts, graphs and cubes, you can compile, analyze and transform the information to help you on your business decisions. Also, it has web format and its own App for Android and iOS.

Centralize all the information of your business

HIOFFICE Lite is the web application which allows you to configure remotely and centrally one (HIOFFICE LITE) or several business (HIOFFICE PREMIUM). Track real-time sales and cash counts of each point of sale. Update centrally items, sizes, cost evaluation, pricing, offers and inventory control. Manage your purchases in an easy and intuitive way.

Main Functionalities

Customer management, suppliers and vendors

Daily Menu planning

Terrace management

Receipt splitting

Assigning rates depending on schedules and shifts

Track pending collections assigned to a customer

On hold sales

Track promotion periods

Registration, Cost Control and Profit Margin per item

Advanced statistics

Centralized Management of several Points of Sales

Cash controls